WooCommerce Orders Tracking is an essential plugin for tracking orders of WooCommerce. This plugin allows shop owners to add, edit, import, export the orders tracking numbers and tracking URLs of every item and order. Then the plugin can send the orders tracking emails, SMS, add the tracking information to PayPal transactions with orders tracking information and tracking URLs. This plugin also integrates the orders tracking information with other tracking services. With the advantages of tracking orders, the shop owners can manage tracking orders easily and inform their customers about the orders journey. Likewise, customers will feel secure and comfortable in tracking their orders.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-orders-tracking/26062993

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WooCommerce Orders Tracking – SMS – PayPal Tracking Autopilot v1.0.11
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Last Update: July 22, 2022
Relased: March 22, 2022
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